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are hueboards easy to maintain?

Smooth and glossy porcelain enamel markerboard is easy to clean, usually with very little rubbing effort and the unique hardness and abrasion resistance of porcelain enamel makes cleaning a snap!  Windex anyone?

For you super clean folks, sanitation is an inherent property of porcelain enamel. The hard dense surface is a barrier against odor and bacteria retention. The porcelain enamel itself is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.  A perfect solution for hospitals and laboratorys.

Porcelain enamels are highly resistant to radiological and biological contamination and hueboards resist most common germicidal solutions and can be sterilized with live steam without damage.   Porcelain enamels also resist corrosive industrial atmospheres, salt, air, wind-driven gases and smoke. 

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