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What happens when you bring 1930's technology into the modern workspace?  



The result is a strikingly beautiful, minimalistic, rich porcelain enameled magnetic color marker-board that looks like a stunning piece of art on the wall.  A unique fusion of design, form and function. 

Hueboards are made by fusing various minerals and glass to steel at high temperature, creating a gorgeous, smooth gloss color surface that will last many, many decades.

Porcelain vitreous enamel is a remarkable material with a long history and reputation for durability and vibrant color fastness.  While we maintain a large library of pre-formulated colors, we can also formulate custom colors for color match requirements.

Hueboards can mount flat with standoffs or canvas style standing 1.75" or more proud off the wall.

We manufacture hueboards to almost any custom size or color and you can use both dry-erase, neon and wet-erase markers without ugly ghosting or lasting residue marks.